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Technology: A New Idea that Helped One Little Girl go to School Save Email Print
Posted: 10:23 PM Dec 7, 2007
Last Updated: 10:23 PM Dec 7, 2007
Reporter: Randy Yohe
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We all know how amazing technology is these days when it comes to bits and bytes and pods and laptops. Hi-tech stuff can also stir up very emotional, human rewards.

This is especially true for one sick and lonely little girl who is now getting better by the day.

For many second graders, reading, writing and arithmetic often ranks second to making new friends especially when you take a closer look.

If she was healthy enough, Emily Stapleton would be in Amy Skaggs Oakview Elementary School class. But the 8 year old's invasive leukemia and recent recovery after he second bone marrow transplant, has kept the little girl home bound and home schooled nearly all of her school age life.

She's now highly susceptible to germs and illness and was quite lonely.

Emily’s mom Angela said, “She came to me crying said ‘Mom I want to be normal, to be with other kids.’”

Oakview’s Principal learned of Emily's longing for school and friends and started bringing Emily to Ms. Skaggs classroom on the weekends.

Principal Nancy McHenry said, “When she saw the library, she lit right up.”

Emily said, “I learn a lot. It’s fun.”

A simple web cam request sparked a group of public and private centers and corporations to set up a two way video teleconference system. This allowed Emily to be a full time, interactive classmate.

Amy said, “She’s learning the kids names and what not.”

One of Emily’s peers is Chase Villers. He said, “I love it that she can be with us.”

The best news, Emily's recovery is going so well, her mom thinks, she hopes, Emily will be in class, in person, next fall.

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Posted by: carrie aww such a sweet little angel may god bless you in every way possible.

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